Grimes goes deep and unwraps layers as the seasoned woman who knows how to hold her own and get ahead in a man’s world. - Lauren Yarger, Theater Life

The character of Rosemary is challenging.  She’s put through the emotional ringer. Kate Grimes does a sensational job. She finds levels of sensations to play. Her portrayal is honest and raw.    -  Michael Block, Theater in the Now

Judith Bancroft's (Bway: Dinner at Eight, Betrayal, Elephant Man) final scene with Kate Grimes, both women infuse the scene with such emotional gravitas that it is difficult not be moved by their stirring performances.   -  Theresa Perkins, My Entertainment World

Kate Grimes, who nimbly embodies the moll girlfriend gives a performance laced with wit, grace and charm.                                                    - Joseph Hurley, Irish Echo Newspaper

Kate uses real intelligence and discipline to find what's truly personal in the roles she plays. Then she illuminates them with passion, humor and humility, too. I always enjoy working with Kate.     - Charles Goforth, Director, LAByrinth Theatre Co.

Cut 2 the Chase, featured on last night's Inside Amy Schumer was one in a handful of top-shelf Schumer sketches- Patti Greco, Cosmopolitan

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