Kate Grimes, who nimbly embodies the moll girlfriend gives a performance laced with wit, grace and charm.                                                    - Joseph Hurley, Irish Echo Newspaper

Kate uses real intelligence and discipline to find what's truly personal in the roles she plays. Then she illuminates them with passion, humor and humility, too. I always enjoy working with Kate.     - Charles Goforth, Director, LAByrinth Theatre Co.

“Aren't you tired of plastic surgeons who tell you to 'slow down' or 'think about what you're doing?'" So opens a commercial for Cut 2 the Chase, featured on last night's Inside Amy Schumer. It was one in a handful of top-shelf Schumer sketches- Patti Greco, Cosmopolitan

The cast was very accomplished making quick changes of character on this largely black box stage. Some of the one acts are overly laced with obscenities for this writer’s sensibilities but it was a wonderful showcase of this group of accomplished actors, notably Kate Grimes, Kelly Markus, Akia, Jason Tyne, David Anthony, & Nic Mevoli.  -  Jack Quinn,

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